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"The screams of the haunted house."

"The screams of the haunted house."

 "The Screams of the Haunted House"

My name is John, and I work in real estate. My company sent me on a mission to sell an old house in the suburbs. The house looked beautiful from the outside, but as soon as I entered, I felt terrified. There was something strange about this house, I didn't know what it was, but the feeling of fear didn't leave me.

As I wandered around the house, the noise grew louder. Strange, loud screams were coming from the back room. When I approached the room, I felt like someone was watching me. But when I opened the door, I found nothing.

The nights in this house were terrifying. The loud screams would come late at night, and there was nothing to justify the sound. This house made me feel uneasy, and I felt like there was something dangerous happening inside this room.

On the third day, I decided to leave. I packed my things and prepared my bag. But something strange happened. As soon as I put my hand on the doorknob, the screams suddenly stopped. There was no sound, and nothing was happening. It was strange, but I felt relieved and ready to leave the house.

However, the house seemed very strange that day. I wasn't sure if I was alone. I heard footsteps moving in the basement, but there was no one there. I also noticed that the furniture was moving strangely, and the windows were shaking unnaturally.

I managed to escape from the house, but this haunted house still haunts me. I can't forget the loud screams and strange sounds. No one explained what happened in this house, and it still happens until now.

And so, the story ends with an open ending. The question remains unanswered, was what happened in the house real or was it all just imagination? Is it just imagination that haunts me in quiet nights? This question may remain unanswered, but the only certainty is that this haunted house will remain in my memory, and the loud screams will ring in my ears for a long time. And who knows, maybe I'll come back to it again.

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