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The Unbreakable Spirit

The Unbreakable Spirit

The worst dad ever

Emily was living with her fifty-five-year-old father, who was very controlling over her life. 
Her father felt that he was doing this in order to take care of her, but in reality she was suffering a lot from that control. 
He did not allow her to go outside or get to know anyone else. Or even a friend at school, he controlled every detail of her life, so he used to choose the colors of her clothes and force her to wear certain colors.
Her father was behaving badly towards her on an almost daily basis, dealing with her as if she were a burden to him, and not giving her the necessary attention, yelling at her and being harsh with her, and that left deep scars on Emily. 
Emily's father used to drink alcohol regularly, and he had evil friends. He always liked to stay up late at night with them, but he used to prevent them from entering the house or seeing his daughter because he was afraid of them. 
His relationship with bad men and frequent drinking greatly affects his behavior towards his daughter, on the nights he  drank a lot in her, became more aggressive and beat her, refused to apologize to her when he behaved badly, called her with words that should not be used on anyone.
Emily had always imagined what her life would be like if she had a mother and a father who loved her. She was very sad about the situation she was in, and she wanted to escape from it, but she did not know how she could escape from her father, especially after she tried
Once she went out without his permission, and the punishment was a painful beating, and she was permanently banned from school,
That was the biggest shock that made her fall into a state of depression. She was waiting for her father to go to work or stay up late, then enter her mother’s room, who misses her so much. She has nothing of the mother’s pictures. All Emily remembers is that she woke up from sleep to the sound of the father crying while he was crying and destroying everything. around it

The girl was young, but she remembers how her father went out to the garden of the house and lit a fire, then she saw her father bring her mother's things such as clothes, hats, and expensive dresses, and he burned everything, in the end he collected the mother's pictures hanging on the walls of the rooms of the house, and threw them into the fire, Emily does not remember Everything because she was a little girl at the age of five, and now she has grown up to be 19 years old, and she does not dare to ask about her mother, or about the reason for her sudden disappearance all these years.
After these sad memories, Emily slept without feeling, she slept on her mother's bed full of dust and dirt, because the father was preventing Emily from approaching this room and not allowing her to clean it at all, he used to say, "Let the rats live here, they are like your mother."

With the passage of days, Emily tried to search for any way out of this situation, but all the doors were closed in her face. She tried to get a job, but her father did not allow her to work outside the home. The father was afraid that something bad would happen, but Emily did not understand what was going on in her. Father's Head, she tried to escape to her old friends, but her father would only let her out of the house with his consent.
The situation continued.. and Emily became suffering from depression, anxiety and loneliness, because of the neglect in which she was living, she began to feel that she did not deserve to live in this way, and she was seriously thinking of escaping from this prison in which she lives because of her eccentric father

One day, the father returned at night drunk under the influence of alcohol, and when he saw his daughter in front of him, he began to speak bad words, and said, "I do not trust women.. Your mother broke my heart and I hate you.. Do you hear what I say, Emily?.. I hate you because you will become like Your mother at the end"
After he threw those deadly words in front of a teenage girl who lacked attention, love and care, all he did was break her remaining patience.
" My father hates me.. Why do I live in a house where no one loves me? "
Escape.. Escaping from home and looking for another shelter is the solution.

She waited for her father to go to work, then walked out of the house, started walking the streets, with no idea where she was going..
After hours of walking through the cold and snowy streets, Emily finds herself in a public park. She was feeling tired, hungry, afraid, and very cold. She lacked warmth. She was far from society and did not know how to behave. 
The worst was that the night was approaching, and she had no place to sleep. She started looking for any shelter. When she got tired, she sat in the corner and hugged herself before she froze. From the cold and began to cry." Is there really no one in this world who loves me?"

Suddenly, a woman of more than 60 years old appeared, accidentally passed by and heard Emily 's words, and saw the tears and frustration on the poor girl's face, and immediately asked her if she needed help, Emily was hesitant at first, but then decided to talk to her.

The lady's name was Rose, and she wanted to help Emily. She took Emily to her house, and gave her food, water, and clean warm clothes. In those moments, Emily began to feel safe for the first time in years.
When Rose asked Emily why she ran away from home, she told her about the difficult situation she was in. Rose did not believe what she heard, and decided to help Emily change her life.
Rose: "Dear Emily, there is no father in the world who hates his daughter. There is certainly a compelling reason why your father reached this state."
Emily remained silent. She knows that the reason is her mother, but she does not know the whole story.
Rose begins to help Emily look for a job until she finds a job as a waitress in a nearby restaurant. Rose teaches her how to get to the workplace and return home safely.
Emily was so happy that she was starting to see some hope in her life, but she was missing her father and was thinking how he would take care of himself now?

Weeks and months passed, and summer, sun, and warmth came. Emily's life began to improve. She loved her job in the restaurant nearby, and she lived in a small apartment with Rose. She began to find joy in life again, and was happy because she felt she was beginning to take control of her life.
However, one day she thought boldly and decided to meet her father and confront him.. After approaching the neighborhood and asking the old neighbors, she discovered that her father was chasing her, looking for her until he brought her home, but Emily did not want to return, and she decided to confront him and defend herself. .
Emily approached the house and entered hesitantly. She knew that her father was present at this time. When she entered, she saw her father sitting on the floor under the chair. When she saw his face swollen and pale, she felt sad about his condition. The girl ran to him and hugged him tightly.
Emily: "I'm sorry, Dad.. I'm sorry that I left you, I used to feel that you weren't well in my absence..."
He denied that he became happy to see her.. He pushed her away from him and said: "All women are the same.. And you are like all women.. "
: Emily :  "I do not know what my mother did .. and I do not know how I broke your heart .. but I do not want to break your heart believe me .. I love you even if you do not love me."
Father:" Liar, you left like your mother.. and everyone left me alone.. I promised your mother that I would quit drinking addiction in return for staying with me.. I begged her not to leave me and not abandon me.. In the end, I asked for a divorce and abandoned you and me.. Your mother is heartless. And now you repeat what your mother does"
Emily:" No, father.. I am a girl who needs her father to be with her always.. You said that you hate me.. but I love you with all my love.. I understood how things are.. and I understood that you kept me at home because you feared people for me .. You are afraid that I will leave you and stay away from you like my mother .. Isn't that true?"
The father's eyes began to tear, but he hid the tears from her:" Go.. go back to where you came from.. you look better.. everything changed for the better for you when you got away from me.. come on, leave where you were"
Emily:" I don't want to be away from you".
The father shouted:" Get out now.. Now.. Go.."
Laila was surprised by his unchanging cruelty.. Because of the shock, she remained silent
The father got up and took a bottle of wine and started drinking and cursing the women and calling them inappropriate words.
Emily went out walking slowly and sadly. She stood at the door and then turned to her father ...his look was pathetic. His clothes are dirty and he hasn't changed them in a month.
She said.. "I love you, my father.. despite everything.. you are my father whom I love.."
He was turning his back on her and didn't care what she said
She wiped her tears and went back to Rose's apartment. Rose was waiting excitedly to find out what happened with Emily. When Emily came back, her facial expressions were very sad.

A week passed.. Emily went back to work  . but her heart is sad for her father, she understood that he couldn't take care of himself because of his bad condition.
. She was feeling sad and angry at him, in addition to pity because he treated her badly, she didn't know how to deal with this feeling, but she knew that she needed to talk to her father, she liked to check on him every week, she would do that even if he kicked her out of the house and refused to see her.
Emily decided to talk to her father on the phone, she was not sure what to say, but she was determined to find a way to deal with this feeling, and when she started talking to her father, she was feeling angry and sad at the same time
Emily: "Dad, this is my number. I want to keep in touch with you".
Father:" Why are you calling me?"
Emily tried to hide her anger, and said: "There is no power in the world that would prevent me from talking to my father, my father whom I love. I just want to tell my dad who hates me that I love him..."
Sudden silence on the phone.
Despite that, Emily was speaking frankly and honestly, she told her father about the pain he had caused her, and the impact of his behavior on her life, and she wanted him to understand how his behavior was affecting her, and how he needed to change his behavior and actions, then she said..: "I just hope you stop drinking and go back to the way you were before my mom left..
I am not my mother and I will not leave you

. This is a promise. "
Emily's father was stunned by her words, he didn't realize that his behavior was affecting her in that way.. He was only thinking of protecting her from society.
He was afraid that she would love someone and abandon him as her mother did... But after he heard her words, he began to feel remorse for what he had done. 
He did and wished he had thought of that before. .. A long silence occurred between the two parties on the phone .. Then suddenly the father hung up the call .. It was an unexpected reaction
.. For the first time in her life, Emily gave in to despair, put the phone on hold, and her colleagues gathered around her and saw tears falling from her eyes. She was truly broken, and she felt let down.
When Emily's father returns home at the end of the day, he finds that Emily's words affected his mind more than alcohol.
He admitted to himself that his life had turned into hell since his daughter had moved away from him. She was like a light in this dark house.
In the following days, Emily's father began to change gradually, he learned how to speak kindly and how to deal with the feelings of others sensitively, and he decided to talk to Emily .. 
The most beautiful surprise in Emily's life was the moment her father entered the restaurant where she works .. When she saw him, she could not believe How did he change.. He put on clean clothes and shaved his long tangled hair. 
His appearance was the biggest evidence that a change had taken place. He spoke to her in a completely different way. 
He was more interested in her feelings and treated her with kindness and respect.
Emily began to feel comfortable and happy with her father, and finally she felt that she had a father like all children.
With the days the father was always apologizing for his bad behavior in the past and he was always trying to support her in her life
Emily became feeling grateful and happy with her new father, and started talking about her relationship with her father in a positive way to her friends and co-workers, and began looking at the past with optimism and trying to look at the future positively.
Emily begins to achieve great success in her career, she managed to get a promotion in her wonderful job and become famous in her field, but the most important thing for her is that she got her father back..
Emily became a source of inspiration for many people because of her optimism and positivity.
She started posting inspirational messages on social media and trying to help others achieve their goals. She supported and encouraged them to change and improve their lives.
Emily's father was very proud of his daughter's achievement and was deeply satisfied that he was able to change his behavior and end his bad relationship with his daughter, and to share her happiness and pride in her professional and personal life.
 After all that dispersion, the little family consisting of a father and his daughter gathered together, and winter came again. The presence of a kind father who surrounded her in his bosom gave her warmth and reassurance. It compensated her for her bad childhood.
Emily's father decided to talk about his experience with his daughter and how he managed to change himself and work to improve his relationship with her. He started posting messages on social media encouraging fathers and mothers to change and work to improve their relationship with their children... explaining how the family's wound does not heal... even if It's over, but its impact will remain.. He sees that old misery in his daughter's eyes every time.
The situation that affected him the most was the last situation that happened on Emily’s holiday.. when one of her colleagues proposed to marry her.. At that moment, the father felt that separating her this time was very difficult.. as he was used to their new and beautiful life together.. but he realizes that this day will come.. He smiled courtesy and pretended to be happy.. and his heart ached because someone would take his daughter from him..
He said to her:" I wish you happiness with all my heart, my beautiful daughter.".
The tears in his eyes disappeared when he heard his daughter's answer to the marriage proposal. 
Emi said with a smile:" I am my father's child until further notice."
Then everyone laughed at her words when she said:" You can propose to me when I reach the age of seventy"
.. ..
 Emily is a sweet girl who deserves all the love, and this is what the father wrote in every post he wrote on social media.
Emily's father's messages received a positive response from parents all over the world, and they started to change their behavior and improve their relationships with their children, and Emily was very happy because she became a reason for inspiring others and helping them achieve their dreams.
Thus ended the story of Emily and her father, where Emily's father realized that he was the worst father ever, but managed to change and work on improving his relationship with his daughter, and became an inspiration to others. 
He realized that a person may pass by people who leave a disturbing impression, but not all people are evil.


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