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The Matrix, a sci-fi or dystopian film

The Matrix, a sci-fi or dystopian film

I was browsing on YouTube and a video titled “The Matrix Remains and Stretches” caught my eye and it summed up the matrix
 And he explains its scenes and the most important thing they mean
 I opened the video and this is the summary of what I understood
 The first movie of the series is him and we are talking about it today. It was released in 99 and many people considered it and still consider it the most important science fiction movie in the history of cinema.
 Matrix is ​​a complex and complex idea. If we discuss the four parts in detail and analyze the meanings, scenes and symbols, it will take longer than the time of the series itself, which is close to 10 hours.
 We can sum up the 10 hours she says in the following words of the “Slaves over Masters” revolution.
 The masters in the series are machines, but this is not the most important detail in the subject.
 Because all slave revolutions against any masters will have the same elements
 You will find the leader who carries the message of freedom on his shoulder
 And you will find the masses of slaves, many of whom do not differ with them, and some of them are not even aware that they are slaves
 You will find the traitorous slave who is comfortable in slavery and happy with it, because this freedom is a brain ache. We are not lacking.
 On the other hand, you will find the masters who see that they are working in beautiful slaves, that they are allowed to live basically
 And also, you will find internal conflicts between the masters and some over who controls the most and sucks the blood of slaves for his personal benefit, and so on.
 The three parts of the first people of the series came down at the sad beginning of the century we are in
 And after about 20 years, in the last week of 2021, the fourth part came out, which was called Matrix Fraser Action, or the Matrix was sent. Of course, this is a movement that receives studios to blame it for two pennies, and the series has me Havens and lovers in the whole world
 Therefore, the fourth part, its success is guaranteed, and the four will complete each other. You will ask me, if we are talking about ending a movie exactly from the four,
 I tell you, we will talk about the four, but, of course, with a useful summary, and we will see the olive in each part and focus on it.
 Initially, let us introduce our hero.  The leader of the revolution, who still does not know that he will remain the leader of the revolution, because at the moment he is just an ordinary employee whose name is
 Thomas Anderson Al-Sabbah is a software engineer at Software
 And at night, he begins his adventures in the world of hackers and piracy under the pseudonym (Neo), and let us use the name Neo, and from here and go, because this is the most famous name for the character.
 So much so, that the word "NEO" is applied to anyone who has rarely won in any field.
 Neo has a premonition or let us say a question that will expel him.
 I don't know the answer, the question is, what is this matrix?
 He knows he needs a name called Matrix
 I just don't know what it is or what it is
 Can you translate the meaning of the network?
 I mean, it is a translation that is not very accurate, but it fulfills the purpose. To make things easier, we can remove the word "Matrix" and replace it with a dream or an illusion. What is a dream and what are they?
 Your patience, by God, I explain everything now. One day and one of the nights, our hero, Neo, sends him a message from a unit called Trinity Trinity, telling him I have an answer to all your questions, or in a more correct sense, I know one who has the answers.
 Meet me under the bridge and I know everything.  And really, Neo, I'm going to meet Trinity and take a ride to get to know the professorMorpheus"
 Morpheus is the person who knows what the Matrix is, but before he tells us and before everything he offers her a choice, do you want to know the truth or not?
 You will say, this is a question that seems obvious, everyone wants to know the truth
 No, of course not, because with every fact you know there is a tax that you must pay, and if it wasn't for the ignorant to be delicious and comfortable, not many people would have chosen it of their own free will.
 Morpheus warns Neo that you have a chance.  Go back to your previous life.  And you take small blue beads and you will forget as if you kissed me in the first place, but if you choose that you know the truth and take another pill of red color.  Your life will change forever.
 Think well because your life is now good and comfortable, job, tidy, apartment and Arabic.
 Would you like to give up all of this to know?

 In fact, this is one of the scenes that became part of global culture, the scene of the blue love that symbolizes comfortable ignorance
 And the red pill that symbolizes the bitter truth

 The Matrix movie is full of iconic scenes that go far beyond the movie itself.
 And it is still used in many other contexts
 Neo, of course, chooses to take the red pill between a second And here begins the real adventure, as we said in the first that the movie is so full of details that books were written about it,

 So let's start New, he decides to take red love first when he swallows it, he finds himself, gets up from sleep and discovers that his previous life was all a dream

 He looks around and finds himself in need of a refrigerator like this.
 first nursery
 He spits around, meets millions of people, but billions of people are surrounded in semi-incubation hugs

 So, in a new one, he discovers that life and it was a long dream, no more
 And his body was numb
 His body was in a state of artificial coma, medicine and all the people around him dream the same dream?
 Yes, billions of people all share a long and complex dream that is the Matrix.

 How did this happen?!

 The story in short is that at the end of the twenty-first century, machines developed artificial intelligence and the spear of humans
 And because humans were victorious over the machines, they did not have any solution in front of them other than that they shoot a kind of smoke in the sky to block the sun, which is the source of all the energy on earth, so the machines break down, but unfortunately the plan failed and humans lost the war in the end and because the machines find an alternative source of solar energy
 People decided to turn it into batteries for them, like this, all of them on each other, and put them in nurseries
 And they connected them with gas hoses so that they would prefer alive
 And they used the energy that came out of human bodies as a main source of energy that they need to live


 , This is a symbolic image of slavery.

 But all the stories of slavery and dictatorship in history have a diluted form of the picture. In fact, there is no fundamental difference between a person whose energy is pulled by hoses and wires until he dies. his energy withdraws with his consent, but he works in the service of his masters until he dies with his consent
 And history has seen thousands of societies in which 99% of the people lived in order to provide a decent life to the 1%.

 Possibly the only reason that emptied the class of masters countries is not putting the rest of society in nurseries and letting energy out of their bodies is that the technology has not reached a way in which they do this.

 And in both cases, the 1% of the masters live with the 99% of the slaves in an illusion, so that they cannot do it
 It differs from the illusion of the other society.

 Every group of slaves has an illusion that he walks with
 In the delusional it is in external danger they attack at any time

 And in those who are delusional, that this is the normal situation of the world, that I am in it masters and slaves, this is normal

 And in those who are delusional, they are not slaves and there is no need, basically, we live like the elephants

 And always in the illusion that keeps slaves under control

 In the movie The Matrix, all humans share a dream, and it is like the life they lived before they got ready and fell into their arms.
 And if someone told them about this idea of ​​your whole life, and they are in fact trapped in nurseries and your energy is withdrawn
 They say you are stupid, we live like elephants

 There are two worlds in the Matrix movie, the real world, the dream world, the illusion world, or the Matrix world.

 Of course, in the dream world, you can do anything that flies, for example
 Move things from their place using your mind only, and so on.

 But this is on one condition that you are aware that you are basically dreaming.

 The first time your mind is freed and you understand that you are dreaming, then you can do anything.

 But as long as you do not understand that you are dreaming, you will remain restricted and limited,

 The semi-obvious topic that they call (pure dreams)

 It is a real phenomenon that about half of the people are exposed to at least once in their life
 And it is that you keep dreaming and realize that you are dreaming,

 Unlike most dreams, you don't realize that you were dreaming in them until you wake up

 In our story, all humans are asleep except for a very few people.

 They are the ones who live in the real world of the unhappy author, and they have a plan to wake up the rest of the people from the comfortable dream in which they are living.

 Will you say ok what breaks nurseries and wake them all?

 I tell you, it is not necessary for the will of freedom to come from me
 individual alone,

 Trying to outdo someone against him, he may die
 You will say, OK, why do healthy people not go down in a dream and convince other people that they are dreaming?

 the dream, since it is jusa computer program, is full of antiviruses and dedicated codes to preserve the dream, there is no mistake. Therefore, if you try to bypass this dream, these antiviruses will attack and kill you, and by the way, if you die in the dream world, you will die in reality with normal satisfaction.

In the movie, these antiviruses are called the agents, led by the famous agent Smith.

Think of his name again so that we can return him to the satisfaction of customers, they look like normal people, but in life they are computer programs

And then who originally said that if you try to convince people that they are living in an illusion, they will believe?

You will say OK, what is Thomas Anderson, who is New Believe!

I tell you because Neo is the Savior

Sincerely, who are you?
Savior means leader.
The person who will lead the sleeping crowds towards freedom.


A romantic idea that has existed since time immemorial, I mean, it is not true, because no one can liberate a people

Neo begins to learn how to coexist in the real world

And he learns martial arts or knows everything about the Matrix and its history, so let's start the journey of liberation,

Unfortunately, the liberation is closed with tanks

Morpheus is arrested by the agents who, as we said, are nothing more than computer programs
Or anti-viruses intended to fight anyone trying to create delusion or transcend people.  Of course the agents want Morpheus to kill them

But Neo and Trinity decide and fight to the agents
And they liberate him in this battle, in which many people die

Jenna, stay ready for the important point in the first part
Do you know the proverb that says if you have ten bullets, leave nine of them for traitors, and one for the enemy?
Always the cause of the collapse of revolutions are the traitorous slaves

Think about when everyone was on the movie Django, you mounted the one who was talking about the willingness of whites for blacks in America in the 19th century. Think about the character of Stephen the slave who was fighting black people who wanted to be liberated. Is this the same dirty character present in every time and place.

The slave who is happy, torn and domineering with slavery
And the idea of ​​freedom for them is stressful and disgusting, all of which are costs, so they want others as well as they prefer slaves

Our name is Cypher.
Sefer seemed to be the one to say one of the

The most iconic sentence in the series Says to You

(After I lived in the world of illusion and the world of truth, I understood an important need, which is that ignorance is a blessing)

Many people are convinced of this, but you will not say it frankly

But fortunately Neo and Trinity B win and free Morpheus

And New is convinced that he is the chosen hero to free people from their bondage to anxiety, and this will be the end

part One.

Wait for the rest of the parts

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