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Michael Jordan's Dedication and his inspiration

Michael Jordan's Dedication and his inspiration

Michael Jordan's Dedication

During the end of the 1996-1997 regular season, Tim McCormick of the NBPA had an opportunity to go watch a Chicago Bulls practice. The Bulls were pursuing their 2nd straight (and 5th overall) NBA Championship and had set an NBA record with 72 wins the previous season. As excited as he was to be there, he was a little disappointed because he assumed he wouldn't get to see Michael Jordan practice. After all, the Bulls just played four games in five nights and he assumed MJ would take a well deserved day off. Especially since they won all four of those games and his Airness had scored something like 38, 42, 46, and 34 points (and played over 40 minutes each game).

Much to his surprise, MJ showed up 45 minutes before practice. He began with some form shooting and then quickly moved to a variety of up-tempo shooting drills (using an assistant coach as a rebounder). He got up around 200 shots. He was focused and intense and was in a full lather of sweat by the time the rest of the team arrived.

Sensing his team needed a light day, Phil Jackson told the team that practice was only going to consist of a scrimmage to 20 baskets. MJ proceeded to score 12 of his team’s baskets and assisted on three others. He dove for loose balls and even took a charge! Needless to say, his team won easily.

On a day when Michael Jordan deserved to take a day off and rest, he still outworked everyone and gave 100 percent. His commitment to excellence and his competitive fire never stopped. Michael Jordan wasn’t great by accident and this is one the best inspirational story of the history of the NBA and it will stay for generations..

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