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City of angels movie story

City of angels movie story

The film City of Angels is a 1998 creation, a heartfelt dream film, in view of the possibility that there is a heavenly messenger who comes to earth and speaks with a youthful female specialist, and the occasions spin until the two experience passionate feelings for one another, however the end is to some degree sensational, and this film has made An extraordinary progress.

City of heavenly messengers film legends
Nicholas Cage as Seth.
Meg Ryan as Doctor Maggie Rice.
Andre Keith Prager as Casiel.
Denise France as Nathaniel Massinger.
City of holy messengers film story
The story starts with the personality of Seth, who is one of the holy messengers among numerous holy messengers who watch individuals on the planet and help them in undetectable ways. On the mission, Seth and one of his kindred holy messengers, Casiel, are asking individuals on Earth what their #1 thing in life is. Heavenly messengers need human detects, which makes it hard for them to figure out the human brain.

One day Seth is making a beeline for a clinic, and Seth is standing by to go with somebody who is going through heart medical procedure to take him to the next world. Seth is extremely contacted when he sees the consistent endeavors of the specialist, Maggie Rice, who is attempting with all she needs to save the existence of the man in her grasp. In the tasks and her aggravation during the medical procedure was extremely earnest, she was feeling like a disappointment since she was unable to do this and Maggie didn't have faith in the way that there are holy messengers on the planet, and she generally accepted that her calling as a specialist would make her ready to save many lives, and inside a brief period Seth turned out to be exceptionally occupied with the specialist Maggie feels Seth's weird sentiments and he doesn't have the foggiest idea about the clarification for her, and chooses to turn into a noticeable individual to her, and they become companions. One of her partners was Jordan Ferris.

Then Seth meets in the clinic with Nathaniel Massinger, one of the ex-patients of Doctor Maggie, who figures out how to detect the presence of Seth and the presence of different heavenly messengers. For people and holy messengers, he chose to be human through what the holy messengers called "fall," and that implies that the holy messenger will tumble to live on the planet, so Seth starts to ponder taking this choice so he will constantly be with Maggie, who later discovers that he is a holy messenger.

Then Seth chooses to pursue the choice to tumble to be human, which is appeared through a scene done metaphorically in which Seth bounces from the highest point of a high rise. Feeling any actual injury and torment, Seth currently goes to life as a human, and goes to the clinic to see Maggie, yet is informed that she has gone to her uncle's mountain lodge for a time of unwinding and rest.

Seth, obviously, was an unpracticed individual who didn't figure out human existence, and obviously he didn't have the cash to pay for the expenses of the excursion, so he wound up doing the robbery, then Seth goes to take a journey to Lake Tahoe, and afterward shows up with his garments wet and shuddering from the cold, when he shows up close to home, around then Maggie comprehends that he has left his other-worldly position since he cherishes her beyond all doubt, and afterward they make some heartfelt memories together. The following morning, while Seth is scrubbing down, Maggie takes her bicycle to go to the sweet shop close to the house, and on how On her return, Maggie is so cheerful and satisfying that she rides her bicycle with her eyes shut and her arms completely open as though embracing life, her satisfaction is interfered with when Maggie doesn't see a major logging truck that was coming and kills Maggie in an accident.

Seth feels that perhaps Maggie is in a difficult situation and rushes to help her, and when he shows up at the hour of the mishap, Maggie lets him know that she sees the holy messenger who will take her to accompany her away to paradise, in spite of the fact that Seth can never again see the holy messengers, he is certain they are there and argues for Maggie is areas of strength for extremely to take a gander at them and remain with him, he left everything just to remain with her, Maggie lets him know that she is presently not apprehensive and when the holy messenger will ask her what she loved most in all life, she will let him know that he was a Sith, then, at that point, Maggie passes on.

After this, Seth stays miserable and alone, and the holy messenger Casiel comes to him, who finds out if what he is going through is a discipline for having passed on paradise to be human and carry on with a human existence, and after their discourse together, Casiel guarantees Seth that this isn't true, later in the In the story, Seth communicates his satisfaction that he has turned into a human and that he has had the option to deal with his new human existence by going through the sea and feeling the waves crash.

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