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And the heart is burning

And the heart is burning

Our story begins in 2013, where the problems began in a simple way to a life that weeps for eyes (this story is true)
There was a family of five people, the father Samer working in the security forces away from his family, the mother, Sahar, two sons Ahmed and Salah El-Din and a little girl named Julia. They lived in a rented house and the living situation was rather good. One day, the head of the family entered  Surprisingly for his children, as he carried a modern computer with him at the time, the children rejoiced and embraced their father, who brought joy to this house, and they kissed his hands and rejoiced in it.
After installing the computer and turning it on, and there were games for boys and girls, they divided the roles of using the computer and agreed somewhat, but there was a possession of Julia, because she was the youngest among them.  Until now
On a normal day, the voices began to rise outside, and as a small group came out and destroyed public property, and they came out with slogans and riots in the area, and no one repelled them. Spread terror in the hearts of Samer's family. This day is fine for the family, and the next day the maintenance workers came to do  In order to repair the damage that occurred in the area and the situation calmed down a little, the father suggested an idea to get rid of the rent and said, “I will apply for a loan so that we can buy land and build a house.” His wife welcomed the idea and told their relatives to help them a little in building the house.  He bought land and started building his house, which will save him from rent. He drew up the house plan while leaving room for cultivation. After several months, he almost finished building his house, but the house’s land remained uncovered and his money began to run out, so he made a mixture of cement and began to  He poured it on the ground because he did not have the price of tiles, and after pouring cement on the ground, he would come to the house every day to water the house so that it would become solid and not be worn out. After waiting three days, the house was ready to live in. Then they moved the furniture of the house and they were happy, arguing to move to the house  the new  After the move, they planted the land with tomatoes, cucumbers, watermelons, grapes and olives, and on the edges of the land
They planted flowers, and after a period of time the plants have grown and are almost ready to eat. One day, the summer vacation came, and Samer decided to take his family to their grandfather’s house, and they actually went to their grandfather’s house, which is several hours away from them in the transport bus.  Grandfather’s house welcomed them a lot, but their joy did not last. Riots spread in several regions in the country. Because of Samer’s work, he had to go to work. So he said goodbye to his family and family and went to work.  His son because their father works in the security and struggles to stop the riots and riots
It approaches and extends from one area to another until it becomes an area close to them, and he is afraid that his son's family will be kidnapped.  He lives in an area where there are no riots. In fact, he sent Samer's family to Ayman and they settled for several days. Samer is still in work, but after several days the riots approached and the matter developed so that the first bullets came out in the sky and gangs spread in the area and closed roads and streets  The division of Al-Sharah and a curfew. After a few hours, the guerrilla war began because of the racism that suddenly spread at its time. They hear the sounds of shooting everywhere, and terror prevails in the area. After several hours of shooting, the shooting stopped at 5 am and after  The hour Ayman took his family and his brother's family to their uncle's house, who owns a big house.
Wait for me for the second part. Follow up to see the second part

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2022-10-04 23:48:21

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