Novel: - Thirty years waiting for my first love.

Novel: - Thirty years waiting for my first love.

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The third chapter of the novel Thirty Years Awaiting My First Love.

He tried to give her a fake smile while he whispered tenderly as she patted his cheek: I hope everything goes as well as you want.. Good luck my love in your next life

He slowly nodded his head in the affirmative, feeling some tension from this marriage. He and his lover do not fully agree on anything, but he does not have a trick in his hand. He loves her, so he continues with her.. He tried to seem normal and completed the food while lifting the news paper to read its content with interest until he smiled strongly at something.

She noticed his sudden laugh and looked at him with a smile to say: Oh, what's wrong with you?

He shook his head softly and smiled, "Nothing important, mom."

She aroused her curiosity to say: Son, what is there, why are you laughing like this all of a sudden?

He looked at her and then said: Well, there is nothing important. I was just reading the newspaper until I noticed a strange letter today from an eccentric man like what I call me.. Every day he writes two words in the letter, no more, which is "return to him" and only puts small pictures to me. 
A romantic necklace in the form of a mattress inside a cocoon..and every day like this for many years. I read the newspaper and sometimes noticed it by chance..He is a very mysterious man..but today he did something else.

= What did he do?

He said strangely and some idiocy while wanting to understand what the author of the speech wants from his words and said: Finally, a strange man. The longest speech in words is a little, but I wish he had not done that.. Because he wrote the speech in a strange language that I do not understand, and I do not think anyone in the world understands his speech.. So see for yourself. 
Mom, if you understand one letter of the words.. I don't understand is this a spell or what

She furrowed her eyebrows in astonishment and amazement at her son's speech to take the newspaper from him to see the letter he was talking about.. and her son did not understand the language in which the letter was written.

But the strange thing is that she read the words and she understood the language and started hesitating the speech in a low voice saying

But the strange thing is when she took the newspaper from him that she read the words and she understood the language and started repeating them in a low voice

His features tried to make his face in astonishment, saying without understanding: Mom, how did you understand the language??

The signs of shock appeared after she finished reading the letter.. Her tears streamed down her cheeks bitterly.. She kept panting with intermittent breaths and whispered faintly and with a confused expression: Impossible!!

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